bing Di bawah ini gue


Di bawah ini gue kutip tulisan dari Stanley Bing, kolumnis favorit gue di Fortune Magazine, kolumnis lainnya yg gue suka Stewart Alsop.

Stanley Bing (bukan nama sebenernya) katanya adalah salah seorang eksekutif beneran dari salah sebuah Fortune 500 Companies, jadi tulisan2x sinisnya jadi menarik karena dia punya inside information dan ngalamin kejadian2x dunia corporate tiap hari.

Kutipan dibawah ini dari edisi Desember 2000, udah rada lama sih, dan isinya tentang email yg dia tulis ke salah seorang pembacanya yg masih kecil.

  • I like my job, except on days when I don’t (hear hear -enda-)

  • …I highly recommend doing what you love when you’re young, or until you can’t afford to do it anymore

  • …Here is my advice on what to do with your career:

    1. Study, even the stuff you don’t like. The practice you get doing things you don’t like to do, and doing them well, is very valuable later in life.

    2. Whatever you like to do, do a lot of it. If you sing, sing a lot. If you draw, draw a lot. If you like math, do that a lot. if you get very good at something, even if it looks like just fun, there’s chance somebody will pay you to do it when you grow up. Droliing pimply computer hackers have turned into some of the richest and most fulfilled men on the planet. As have baseball players and people who study gorillas for a living. The happiest people are those who get paid for doing what they love. So love something.

    3. Work hard. Don’t be discouraged for more than a couple of hours a month. You will get what you want if you work hard enough for it. And always stop to take time for the things you love to do and the people you love with.

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