Opinion about Jokowi on Jakarta Post – 18 Aug 2014

Thank you for Jakarta Post who printed my opinon on 18 Aug 2014!

Online version: Soft power, the Bazaar and voting for Indonesia’s Future



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Soft Power, The Bazaar and How to Vote for Indonesia’s Future #Jokowi9Juli

Jokowi Pemilu2014 Pilplres #Salam2Jari #Jokowi9Juli

Jokowi Pemilu2014 Pilplres #Salam2Jari #Jokowi9Juli

It was one wet night in February 2009, we were all in a common area of Loji Gandrung in Solo, the official home of the mayor of Solo, a colonial remnants, build in 1792. That night we were all there to launch a newly formed Solo Blogger Community called Bengawan. There was about 40 bloggers from Solo, Yogyakarta and Jakarta attending the event. It was raining before, and the air brought in a calm and serene atmosphere, warmed by conversations and friendships.

The mayor, who we were not expecting to show, was there to greet and have dinner with all of us. He supported and applaud that Solo now have a blogger community, and he told us how all of you hold a strategic tool, our blogs, to spread a positive messages about Solo and about the country.

That night, he also told a story how in 2007 he managed to asked hundreds of street sellers (pedagang kaki lima) to move from the center of Solo, in Taman Banjarsari to a new location built as a market in Pasar Klitikan and he did this by inviting all of the sellers for a meal and discussion to this house, not once, not twice, but in total 54 times. And only at the 54th times, he ask to move them to the new location. “So what did you discuss for all of the 53 times that you met them?” One of us ask. He said, “Nothing, we just talk about the city, our daily life, but then.. “ He said. “By the 54th times, they know and agreed that they were asked to move by someone who respect them.”

That is the power of persuasion, I remember myself thinking and that Mayor of Solo is 2009 was Jokowi.

Fast forward just 5 years from that moment, today in 2014, Jokowi faced and is doing a life changing campaign as Indonesian presidential hopeful. Mind blowing to think that in that short moment how one life can change so much, but this remind me of how everyone life has change in that period of time too, thanks to social media, digital technology and how rapidly we see how these two things inspired changes in many fields and in the near future.

I can’t help myself thinking on the similarity of Jokowi leadership style and the new paradigm of how globally people try to solve their own problems.

Nowadays, in many cases, globally, instead of relying on one source of authority, or central government, people by using the tool on their hand, take charge of the problem and solve their problem locally. Called it the do it yourself (DIY) movement, the maker movement, the small pieces loosely joined, but time and time again this alternative way of solving problem proven to be more efficient and effective.

Even in Indonesia, we have seen communities from Indonesia Berkebun in urban farming initiative to Akademi Berbagi in adult continuous education. From Suara Pemuda Anti Korupsi (Speak) to Buku Untuk Papua, all are movements, organized by volunteers, loosely coordinated but they are all real actions, taking on real problems.

It’s ground up solution, instead of top down direction. It’s the power of attraction instead of coercion. It’s the power of ideas instead of the power of money. It does not command, it’s inspire.

In other words  it’s a movement, not barricade. In other words, that’s how I see the biggest strength in Jokowi’s arsenal, his soft power, his power of persuasion and get things done instead of relying on bureaucratic procedures that most of times slip into solutions that unfit and came too late to arena.

Jokowi understood his role as leaders and head of state is not going to be the single source of power where all solution will derived from, he understood that what he needs to do is to orchestrate all the elements of government to work together to serve people better. To listen, to be there for the people and in the end to inspire the country, to lead us to a new age.

Government need to be there to provide people with basic infrastructures and administration, create fair rules for business, uphold the law and protect citizens, and care for the weak that cannot defend themselves. But that is all.

The dynamics of this new global age that we are all facing now are too complex to solved by the old way of command and conquer. Indonesia is too big and too dangerous to lead by a strong leader and we’ve tried that already for 32 years. A country as big and as diverse as Indonesia needs hundreds of leaders, thousands of thinkers and millions of doers, and we need to be coordinated well so we all know that we are all going to the same direction, Indonesia need to become a movement.

We need a new paradigm of leader to bring all of us to the future.

There is a famous essay, written in 1997 titled “The Cathedral and the Bazaar” by Eric S Raymond the father of open software movement. In the essay he compare how the two models work, at one there’s the big corporation propriety model where software development done by command, target and troops like single minded goal, the Cathedral, and on other side there’s The Bazaar, the open source movement where there are no ownership of the whole software because the software is own by no one and built by everyone. Everyone can volunteer to work on any part of the software that they like as long as whatever they are work on will be a part of the open software again.

The Bazaar model inspired hundreds of developers and solve millions of problem in a fraction of the cost, and in the end it’s free for everyone to use. The Bazaar model was a movement and since then it has become the model of many successful projects from Wikipedia to Firefox, from Apache, most use web server in the world to MySQL, most use database server in the world. And even until now it has evolve to what is now called sharing economy model like Airbnb and Uber or Lyft, where we can all rent our unused rooms or cars.

There are many criticism of how Jokowi run his campaign, from the lack of coordination to lack of single consistent message. In the other hands, there are many volunteer groups that work because they were inspired not because they were paid or commanded to. These volunteers  group from Jokowi side are working alone and working together at the same time. They are producing comic books, images, quotable photos, facebook pages, twitter account, songs, video clips, mobile apps, music concerts by themselves, they are small pieces loosely joined, they have created a movement, they are The Bazaar. And this, by definition, is an open source campaign.

There’s a bit chaotic feeling there, things move so fast, anxiety of having to let go of feeling in control, but that’s exactly the skills we need in this day and age. We need to have our principles deeply grounded in our believes but let go of having to be in control all the time and be more adaptive and flexible while taking on real problems and doing real action.

Indonesia need new leadership style that firmly grounded in principles but agile enough to face and solve any kind of future challenges in this more and more complex and fast changing world.

A leader that listen not command, a leader that inspire not instruct.

Vote Jokowi, vote for the future.

#salam2jari #jokowi9juli

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Mungkin Lagu Indonesia Paling Cerdas Sepanjang Masa

tulus-2Tak sulit mendapatkanmu, karena sejak lama kau pun mengincarku. Tak perlu lama-lama, tak perlu banyak tenaga. –Tulus

Kalau kamu belum familiar dengan kalimat diatas, maka perlu diketahui bahwa kalimat diatas adalah kalimat pertama dari lagu berjudul “Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya” karya Tulus, penyanyi kelahiran Bukkittinggi 20 Agustus 1984 di album keduanya yang berjudul Gajah (2014).

Bermula dan bernada seperti lagu cinta lainnya, lagu yang ini punya syair yang agak berbeda dengan lagu cinta biasanya (seperti beberapa lagu Tulus lainnya).

Nada dan melodi-nya tidak memberikan kesan main-main dan berjalan diatas rel yang sesuai dengan genre-nya, yang justru membuat lagu ini perlu diperhatikan dua kali lebih dalam.

Kalimat pembuka tersebut diselimuti dengan syair reffrain yang memohon (dan juga sama dengan judul lagunya):

Jangan cintai aku
Apa adanya

Sekilas, kata-kata yang digunakan dalam kalimatnya cukup jelas dan straight forward.

Ada seorang lelaki yang memohon pada ceweknya untuk jangan mencintai dirinya apa adanya. Jangan katanya. Jangan cintai dia apa adanya.

Banyak lagu yang memiliki makna yang disisipkan oleh musisinya, secara sengaja dan tidak sengaja. Dan makna itu tidak selalu jelas.

Kalau kamu ke situs SongMeaning.com maka kamu akan temukan database lagu dan liriknya, dimana pengunjung dan pengguna situs tersebut mencoba memberi dan menebak arti dari lagu yang dinyanyikan dan diciptakan oleh pencipta lagu.

Untuk banyak cewek-cewek (50% audiens Tulus), maka artinya cukup jelas, jelas banget malah. Dan diterima dengan baik, cewek akan merasa “Wah bener nih cowok, memang yang betul gitu, cowok-nya minta untuk dikritik, untuk dikasih tahu kekurangannya“.

Iya gitu?

Memang artinya hanya itu?

Kalau kamu cowok (dan rada-rada sensitif atau punya kecenderungan untuk over-thinking banyak hal), maka kamu akan merasa bahwa kalimat dan seluruh lagu tersebut harus didengarkan dan dimengerti secara sarcastic.

Sarcastic? Maksudnya gimana?

Maksudnya adalah, lagu tersebut punya arti yang counter-intuitive dari arti di permukaan yang kita dengar dengan mengatakan kata dan kalimat yang 100% kebalikan dari arti sebenarnya.

Sama seperti ketika kamu bilang “Lucu…” saat ada kejadian yang tidak lucu.

Atau saat kamu bilang “Hmmm, menarik…” dengan muka datar, sebagai reaksi sesuatu yang sama sekali tidak menarik.

Atau mungkin saat kamu bilang, “Keren abis broh…” atau “Wah baru banget tuh, belum pernah ada yang tahu…“, saat temen kamu posting joke, gambar lucu, atau kutipan yang kamu udah pernah liat 5 tahun yang lalu.

Yang paling menarik adalah. Yang sangat bisa menggunakan cara-mengatakan-sesuatu-padahal-artinya-kebalikan ini adalah CEWEK!

Cewek ketika ditanya, kamu marah ya? Gaak!

Kamu kenapa sih, baik-baik aja kan? Iyaa!

Lapar ya, makan yuk? Ga lapar.

Cewek adalah master of this counter intuitive conversations!

Belum lagi kenyataan bahwa ga ada cowok yang ga mau dicintai apa adanya. Semua cowok (dan cewek juga sebenernya!), mau dicintai apa adanya, jangan diubah, begini adanya, karena ketika kita dicintai apa adanya maka itu juga berarti kita diterima apa adanya, dicintai sepenuhnya.

Jadi pada saat Tulus mengatakan “Jangan cintai aku apa adanya“, Tulus menggunakan senjata utama cewek untuk mengatakan hal sebaliknya!

Tulus dengan cara yang counter-intuitive mengatakan dan memohon, cintai aku apa adanya. Terima gue apa adanya. Cintai gue apa adanya.

Tulus dengan cara yang paling cewek dan maksud yang sama sekali mungkin tidak bisa ditangkap oleh cewek sehingga tidak mungkin terkabul dan akan sia-sia juga sebenarnya (hah!), mengatakan “Jangan cintai aku apa adanya…”

Dan karena itulah, selain sebuah lagu Indonesia yang paling cerdas yang mungkin pernah diciptakan, Tulus mungkin juga baru saja menyampaikan sebuah permintaan cowok yang paling… tulus.

Buy the song on iTunes, Tulus – Jangan Cintai Aku Apa Adanya


Listen to the song here:


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Louis C.K. on Human Nature While Discussing Cell Phones

Underneath everything in your life, there’s that thing, that empty… forever empty. Do you know what I am talking about? That knowledge that this is all for nothing and you are alone, it’s down there

I am getting sad and I am reaching for the phone and I said: You know what? Don’t. Just be sad. Just let the sadness, stand in a way of it, and let it hit you like a truck. I started to cry like a bitch, I cried so much and it was beautiful.

Sadness it’s poetic, you are lucky to live sad moments. And then I have happy feelings, because if you let yourself feel sad, your body have antibodies, that has happiness comes rushing in to meet the sadness. I was gratefull to feel sad, and then I met it with true profound happiness.

But to most of all people, we don’t want that first bit of sad, you never completely sad or completely happy, you just feel kind of satisfied with your product and then you die

Watch the whole video here:


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Problem Cowok

problem-2Everyone hears what you say. Friends listen to what you say. Best friends listen to what you don’t say. — Unknown.

Tidak gampang menjadi cowok. Kebanyakan orang menganggap jadi cowok lebih enak daripada jadi cewek.

Dibanyak kesempatan hal itu ada benarnya. Cowok lebih bebas, lebih cuek, lebih ga mikirin, lebih apa adanya.

Gapapa kalau warna kemeja dan kaos kaki atau tas ga matching.

Gapapa kalau alis mata udah cuing-cuing ga rapih dan kemana-mana

Ga dianggap gampangan kalau ceweknya banyak. Ga dianggap murahan kalau keluar malam terus-terusan.

Tapi tentunya, ga selalu enak juga jadi cowok. Cowok dewasa ga pantes ngeblog. Cowok dewasa ga boleh nangis. Cowok dewasa ga boleh cengeng.

Cowok boleh punya banyak temen dan sering main dengan temen-temennya itu, tapi itupun dalam kegiatan yang sifatnya ga personal, basketlah, golf-lah, karaoke lah (hehe).

Kalau pun nongkrong misalnya, yang diomongin juga non personal, kerjaan, cewek di kantor atau di jalan, mantan, konser musik, politik dan tentu aja sepak bola.

Cowok dewasa don’t share about feelings, we share about conquests.

Lagi pula selain ga sharing tentang feelings, cowok dewasa juga ga boleh punya perasaan sama temen cowoknya.

Jaka ga bilang sama Jono, “Eh ketemu yuk, gue kangen nih”, kecuali Jaka dan Jono adalah jenis cowok yang lainnya (Which is nothing wrong with that anyway!), tapi buat kebanyakan cowok, ya ga aja gitu.

Dan lebih parahnya adalah di jaman sekarang ini, kalau kita tinggal di kota besar, waktu buat ketemu teman pun udah jarang.

Dan ketika ketemu pun kita ga cerita tentang hal yang “penting”, ga cerita tentang apa yang kita rasakan, yang sedang kita jalani. So we are doomed, either way. Condemened to live in solitude. :D

So, it’s a special ocassion
, kalau saat ini gue punya perasaan khusus sama temen cowok gue.

Seseorang yang gue kenal dan gue kagumin cukup lama, yg cukup dekat (sebatas teman cowok loh, baca bagian diatas tadi), yg gue percaya.

Kita cukup banyak bersama-sama menjalani berbagai hal. Kita teman cowok, sama2x dewasa dan kita cerita, tapi kita ga “share feelings“, kita ga memberikan perhatian khusus, seperti teman cewek memberikan perhatian khusus ke temen ceweknya yang lain.

Dia juga seseorang yang cukup “kontroversial” (haha), bukan anak baik-baik dalam arti sepenuhnya, dan dia sadar itu, dan menikmati peran itu.

Dan selama perjalanannya dia selama ini, dia ga peduli dengan harus dilihat sebagai anak baik, apa adanya, itu adanya.

Dia menjalani hidup sesuai dengan apa yang dia mau, making his own rules, dan he always respects women in his own way.

Dan dia baru melakukan sesuatu yang menurut gue simply wonderful, selfless, and totally make sense.

Gue ga tau dia mampu melakukan itu, ga nyangka bahwa dia bisa melakukan itu.

Dan dia melakukan itu untuk jadi cowok yang lebih baik while makes a girl very happy in the process.

Gue ga pernah punya perasaan sama temen cowok, dan kalau pun ada ga banyak dan ga akan gue bilangin sama orangnya.

Tapi untuk kali ini, saat ini gue mau bilang, gue harus bilang: I’m proud of you man, simply proud.

Dan gue bakal ada di sini, mendukung, apapun, bagaimanapun, sampai kapanpun.

Gue ga pernah punya perasaan sama temen cowok, kamu mungkin ga pernah punya persaaan sama temen cowok juga.

Tapi kalau kamu menemukan saat yang tepat untuk merasakan itu, kamu akan tahu, karena saat itu, kamu tidak hanya melihat teman kamu saja berdiri sendirian disitu, kamu melihat cerminan diri kamu juga, didirinya.

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