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LOL!. The funniest NYTimes headlines in a loooong time. Dapatkan blogger button dukungan untuk Obama di sini.
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Will look something like that banner (sticker?) on the left side of this blog. :D
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Create your own tumblelog here. Errr what is Tumblelog anyway?
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I answer it here
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widgeting the web. Because everybody loves widget! tongue.gif. Widgets adalah asesoris blog dengan nama baru, dari game, info, rss feed, dll sekarang bisa kamu pasand di blog kamu (, friendster, wordpress dll)
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another free blog service where you can create your blog. Siapa tau mau bikin blog baru hehe. This one from Six Apart, the guys who giving us Movable Type and TypePad. Check my Vox Page here.
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this blog:
My Blog Juice
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puluhan Google Gadgets buat asesoris blog kamu. Contohnya:
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yeah rite! hehe. Put your name and your blog address there. Mine is over here: ego points 9370 :D
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Di versi ini, kamu ga usah ngutak-ngatik HTML lagi dan ada label (categories) untuk posting kamu. Versi beta ini bakal muncul di account kamu skrg, tapi kalo ga sabar kamu bisa sign up disini. Gue juga bikin hehe.
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