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butuh ringtone henpon yang ga kedengeran sama orang yang tua? Hehehe.
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are: Paste, Save, Copy, Undo, Bold. Somehow I found this very funny, I don't know exactly why. Bwahahahaha. =))
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take this A-hole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE) to check. Life's to short to spend it being an a-hole hehehe. :D
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LOL!. The funniest NYTimes headlines in a loooong time. Dapatkan blogger button dukungan untuk Obama di sini.
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or Yahoosoft? Hehehe. Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo for US$ 44.6b (BBC NEWS)
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kalau kamu ceperti akyu, kamu have to join Facebook Group-nya Cinta Laura juga dong. Karena kan "Not all beautiful people bisa menjadi famous". LOL!
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sudah diharapkan, harusnya ada bahasan klenik bin mistik seperti ini, tapi jangan dianggap serius kali ya hehe
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Senin ke 3 Januari setiap tahun. Tahun ini tgl tgl 21 kemaren. No wonder I'm so depressed this week. :(
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what if our world becomes inverted?
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