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LOL!. The funniest NYTimes headlines in a loooong time. Dapatkan blogger button dukungan untuk Obama di sini.
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check out their blog to know more about their activities. (Save the cheerleader hehehe), Save the earth!
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Blogger yang ngeblog di "Creating Passionate Users", salah satu blog yang gue ikuti ini, mendapatkan ancaman mati dan kekerasan anonim lewat komen di blognya. Membuat orang berpikir kembali tentang anonimitas di Internet.
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two Malaysian bloggers, Rocky Bru and Jeff Ooi are being threatened by a media conglomerate in Negeri Jiran. I met with Jeff twice in London and then in Manila. I know he has been traveling to Indonesia and like the country a lot, if Kerajaan Malaysia continue giving him trouble, I think he should consider moving to Indonesia where we have abundant freedom because the government is already busy with so many problems. :)
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sekarang kalo kamu sudah punya domain sendiri (sekitar $10/tahun) kamu bisa pake domain itu sbg alamat blog kamu di (blogspot)
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legislation regarding blogs has been introduced in US by Senator John McCain. Links to discussion on MeFi. Bad move senator.
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according to a report from Windows Live, nearly half of Asia online population are blogging, that means = about 150 millions blogger in Asia only (!). More interesting stats such as 40% blogs have less than 10 visitors/week are on the report. Anybody has link to the original one?
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hasil studi tentang korporate blogging dari Northeastern University.
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is the equivalent term of blogging in Arabic. The word means to chronicle and it just recently coined this year.
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met with him during the Asia 21 Summit. He's the Head of Asia Business Development for Mozilla Corporation and the Marketing Director of Mozilla Japan. Gen also has another Asia 21 Flickr Set and my picture as panel speaker. :D
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