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you can pre-order this book 7 from the Harry Potter series on now for $18.25 (hardcover).
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berlisensi creative commons yang bisa di download bebas.
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dari "Ulysses"-nya James Joyce, sampai "Catcher in the Rye"-nya JD Salinger. Lucu juga kalo nulis novel yang bertujuan ga mungkin difilmkan hehe. [Aaahh liburan sudah berakhir.]
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a book. No 1? The Marlboro Man. Ah the power of advertising :)
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Travel Guide for the Intellectual Explorer. Jangan ngaku radikal kalo ga suka baca buku hehe.
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buat yang mau belajar.
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essay dan cerpen yang dikompilasi oleh Mbak Zara Zettira ZR. kalo saya sih teman minum kopi adalah gorengan hehehe
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[Agak Dewasa] versi
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versi new york times [reqistration req'ed].
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[NYTimes]. Kesini kalo diminta login/pswd.
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