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"No country for old men"-nya Coen bersodara sama "There will be blood"-nya PT Anderson emang must see nih kayaknya. Ambas here I come:D
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a must see buat para pencinta cult movie hehehe dari koleksi video online komunitas pencinta video dari Divx. Check out Divx Web Player keren juga.
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mana review film yang cocok dengan selera kamu? Isi kuisnya disini supaya tahu review movie yang bisa kamu percaya.
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"The Departed" got the best director and best movie. “An Inconvenient Truth” received best documentary. Link to complete list of Oscar Winners.
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me: 70%. Lumayaaan :p
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choosen by GQ. Wong Kar Wai's "In the Mood of Love" is there, of course :)
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baca yg udah ditonton aja. Kalo ga jadi spoiler hehe.
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he can't fly until early 1940s. :)
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Universe's history accoding to movie. keren! hehe.
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