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or Yahoosoft? Hehehe. Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo for US$ 44.6b (BBC NEWS)
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aktor Brokeback Mountain, yang meninggal overdose di usia 28 tahun. Apparently everybody got their own problems.
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[wired] because sometimes we forget geeks can also be sexy [yeah! right hehe]. :p
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sang Management Guru meninggal di usia 95 thn. Berita disini (bloomberg).
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bapak Gonzo Journalism pasti ga setuju kalo dia meninggal biasa aja.
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= Corporate Bloggers []
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death toll to today over 11,000.
indonesia asia earth quake tsunami areas affected
[bigger map here]

Areas hit: Sri Lanka (over 3,200), India (over 2,300), Indonesia (over 4,000), Thailand (Phuket, Krabi, Phi Phi, Pha Nga), Maldives.

Kita berdua, alhamdulillah, ga kenapa-kenapa. Bangkok baik-baik aja, bahkan gempanya juga ga kerasa. Yang parah kayaknya di Thailand selatan di sisi Barat.

» Gallery Kerusakan di berbagai negara dari

» Gallery kerusakan di Phuket, Phuket after the Tidal Wave

» Obrolan di Forum tentang Tsunami di Southern Thailand

» Gempa ini sudah diprediksi setahun yang lalu

» 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake Dari Wikipedia

» LIGHT THE CANDLE - Kaskusers Peduli Bencana Aceh

» Largest Earthquakes in the World Since 1900 no 1. di Chili 1960, Indonesia 2 kali

» Indonesia Help - Online information about resources, aid and donations for quake and tsunami victims in Aceh & North Sumatra (Indonesia)

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