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it's like Google Maps for SKY!
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add that with free 5 email accounts and traffic report. What's the catch? It's from Microsoft :D
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adalah layanan baru dari Google yang memungkinkan mencari berita kebelakang hingga tahun 1940. Seperti ini: dari hasil pencarian berita ttg Indonesia di tahun 1950an, ditemukan artikel TIME tentang kelahiran Indonesia berjudul "Birth of a Nation" bertanggal Nov 14, 1949 [via Benny]
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supercool! Menggunakan kombinasi Google Map + Data Satelit. Kesini buat liat gerakan Palapa C2 real time!
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have been smoking for 10 years? Find out how much you have spent on cigarettes.
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list layanan-layanan web, yg katanya termasuk dalam Web 2.0 :D
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for the ABG in you (yes YOU!). Aseli buatan Indonesia. :D
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dejavu Internet 90'an. The old homepagesytle-geocities is back! You can have one too here: Googlepages
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sekarang kita semua bisa punya startup Web 2.0! Check out mine here. :p
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