Why Instagram add Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories will eventually be Snapchat for the masses. Easier to understand and your social network is already there. 

Vine already become irrelevant because Instagram Video, will Snapchat be too? 

Why Instagram do this? No. of post photos and more user interactions. While now average Instagram user probably post 1-2 photos daily, Stories encouraged users to post more without worrying what their followers think.

More Posts -> More Interactions -> More Time Spent on App -> More Money

However I still don’t get this whole “ephemeral” thing (your Instagram Stories posts will only last for 24hrs) why not give an option to make it permanent and post it to public?  ???

Watch The Walking Dead if you are depressed

I finished binge watching the hits TV show, The Walking Dead from AMC season 1-6!

Anything with walkers, roamers and biters will makes a good show IMO when you know how, the story will write itself, and it will be a good emotional roller coaster ride, from people giving up, families tear apart, suicides, betrayal, stupidities, survival, human nature, love & death, you know the end of the world stuff.the walking dead

But it was the show willingness to extend itself with the gory details, blood (oh so much blood), body decays, on the spot amputation and people devour alive while still maintained a good storyline with twists, surprises and cliffhangers that make it such a fun show to watch!

Walkers eat people not because they are evil, but because they have to. People however have choices, and apparently in the event of world apocalypse, all of us just one step away from evil madness just to survive.

I recommend the show for everyone who is depressed and currently having difficult time in their life, the show will remind us that, hey, however hard this life we are living in now, at least we don’t have to run away from people trying to kill us and walkers trying to eat us.

Can’t wait for the Season 7 this October!