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Nerusin tentang postingan beberapa hari kemarin tentang berita-berita media luar negri mengenai perubahan konsitusi Indonesia. Beberapa dibawah ini link ke berita-berita tersebut, semuanya dapet dari weblognya Pak Joe Friend.
The Observer Intenational: “Indonesia takes a giant step down the road to democracy
Time Magazine: “Constitutionally a Winner
Washington Post: Constitutional Changes Doubted in Indonesia
The Business Times: “A new chance to get it right in Indonesia
What I can say from here is that I wish, every so called, “political commentator” back home can AT LEAST says something good about the change before they announced their pessimistic prediction about how all of this changes makes nothing good at all.
YES, there’s still gloomy reality with see in everyday life in Indonesia. YES, there are still A LOT of work need to be done so everybody can live a decent life; and YES, those elites in the Political Parties MUST be reformed also, in their thoughts, in their agendas, and in their paradigms.
BUT HEY! At least with this Constitutional Changes, WE, NOW have the FOUNDATION! to hope for BETTER FUTURE.
So, for those of you political-commentator-intellectuals-have-nothing-better-to-do-than-to-bad-mouth-about-everything out there, from now on why don’t you STOP WHINING and do some REAL CONTRIBUTION for your country for a change.
Note about Pak Joe Friend: He is an American currently live in Bandung since 1997, father of five soon to be six (his words :)). He got very nice Blog where he mostly wrote about his observation about Indonesia and links to Indonesian news from media all around the globe. He also writes about his experiences dealing with Indonesian, which I found very Interesting and sometimes, touching.