dari Retrocrush.com. No 1-nya? Drums sounds di Phil Collins' haunting, "In The Air Tonight", huhuy!
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nari said:

hmm.. stevie nicks' 'edge of seventeen' ama 'proud mary'-nya ike-tina; they're great, dan sblm baca inipun udah bisa mbayangin tina dgn baju full of tassle-nya pas ndengerin lagunya, tapi lionel richie? pas mbaca page penjelasannya ttg itu, trus ndenger suara langkah orang sampe cepet" nge-klik close biar enggak ketangkep lagi mbaca ttg lionel richie. OMG, there's no reason in the whole world that would make up for that choice, what about the intro to marvin gaye's 'i heard it through the grapevine'? kayaknya much more deserving to be on the list.. and no mention of david bowie's 'under pressure' intro? oh well, i'll make my own then hehe..

enda said:

ampun nari ga kuku, gue sih langsung ke no 1 aja heheh

nari said:

hehehe impossibly critical i know, tapi itu juga yg tak sebut yg tak baca beneran kok :D

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