bukan antidisestablishmentarianism ada yang lebih panjang lagi. More "English Questions" answered over at AskOxford FAQ
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macchiato said:


the longest French word:




kalo ngga salah mungkin bhs jerman yang bisa merangkai kata-komposit hingga tak terbatas! heheeee, ribetnya untuk diucapin.

elha said:

...bener bahasa jerman sering merangkai beberapa kata jadi satu, contonya ini neh:
"Beschleunigungmechanismustheorie" atawa "Berlinerverkehrsgemeinschaft"... tapi tetep aja bacanaya dipisah sesuai suku katanya.

Alles Gute!

aimee said:

I love this website. Okay so me and my friend were debating on which word was more popular,
antidisestablishmentarianism or supercalifredgalisticexpiealidocious. and your website broke the score.

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