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Bruce Ruxton said:

“somebody at a barbeque said the best thing to do was to send in some renegade sas boys in to get her out. its probably not the best thing to do politically but it seemed the spirit of the times and i thought it would make a good song. here is that story.”


sharlee said:

Schapelle Corby is 100% NOT GUILTY so whoever wrote the head line of this peiceREAD THE FACTS SHE NOT GUILTY!!!!

Judils said:

Put a bounty on the guilty party, flush him out. If a million or two is offered, that should have him back stabbed by his money hungry friends very quickly

Jani said:

Of course she is guilty; she had marijuana in her possession (whether constructive or actual); she is from a family of criminals; she associates with drug dealers and criminals; and she was convicted by a properly constituted court. It is an embarrassment for Australians to carry on as if they can change the outcome of the trial by putting on the tears and television specials. Indonesia is a sovereign state the last time I checked.

Dex said:

Schapelle Corby is guilty. She will make a fortune off her new fragrance line though, it's like Chanel #5 but its called Ganga #4.1. It's for women who have lost their appeal.

blogsarefortools said:

Schapelle Corby is an embarrassment to aus. when she finally gets sick of being pack raped in prison she will come out with the truth, it will be the only way for her to get her sentence reduced.
I know she is guilty, i cant wait for the day when all you bleeding hearts eat your own self-serving bullshit. But im sure most of you denial lovers will be able to explain it all away. grow up all of you, stop making Australia look like a pack of pussies.

mellie said:

You guys are correct. Schappelle is guilty and is embarrassing Australia the more and more she lies and whinges she isnt guilty. She got off the death penalty, life and now she is still complaining on 2 0 years. Give up Corby, your guilty.

Jamie said:




John said:

Ya I honestly think she is guilty. When I got arrested I told the cops everything during interrogation. They respected that and eventually dropped the charges. She got popped.... that sucks.

Avi said:

Poor girl, even IF she's guilty which im sure she isn't, she doesn't deserve 20 years in indonesian hole just for bloody pot...

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