asphyxiation as in suffocation?? alias tidak bisa bernapas? Gila, kelalaian yang luar biasa.
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roi said:

artikelnya ilang....

enda said:

ilang? ada kok rom.

wikan said:

lu masih idup, nda? gimana tuh, puasa2 kok main bunuh2-an. ayo ikutan ngutuk, nda.

enda said:

masih lah :) orang itu jauh di selatan.

ucok said:

Eh nda, itu polisi thailand sadis2 bgt, gw liat liputannya di cnn, digebukin kaya kita (kami maksudnya elu kan mampus yah hehe) di os dulu, cuma pake kayu pentungan beneran ckckckck...apa org thai emang ganas2 gitu ya?

serenity said:

May they go to a better place, in peace..amen

But China’s leaders are now clearly worried about the inflationary side effects of those financial policies. The premier, Wen Jiabao, has toured southern China over the last week and was shown on national television late Tuesday night expressing concern about rising food prices and promising that the government would take action.

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