after that, porting CC licenses to Indonesia couldn't be that hard, right? any takers in Indonesia? :)
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Jakartass said:

Hi Enda.

I'm unclear about the need to have separate CC licences for each country.

If anyone wants to copy my postings, they're free to do so ~ as long as they attribute my work to me, preferably with a link.

You'll have noted that when I copy material, I use italics. I also use green bold for my hyperlinks. That system seems to fit into the CC ideals and I've got no complaints, nor received any, except for my occasional typos of URLs.

That's why I've got the CC gif at the end of my links.

So again, what's the purpose of 'national' CC licences?

Can you email me?




Just googled and found your blog. I am one of the project team members for CC Malaysia.
The reason why we ported the CC licenses to Malaysia is that if a malaysian wanted to evoke any laws they could do so with our own existing set of laws within the country. Using CC worldwide might invoke the hassle of contacting US based copyright laws. Even in Malaysia, the music industry is different as we have a collecting house. Therefore it is hard for label'ed artists to CC their works in Malaysia.

If you do have a host organization interested to port to indonesian - we would be more than happy to help our brothers in Indonesia. We will link you up to the right people and tell you our experiences in porting the licenses.

In malaysia - the battle has just started.


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