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Ayo jangan mau kalah. Buktikan bahwa kita banyak! :D
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announced. Congrats for the winners. There are still 2 periods to go, official info and register here if you would like to join. :)
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vs. Jakarta Street Looks. Reminded us that there are still a lot of s*ht* on the street hehehe.
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imagine that! It's even cheaper to travel in Indonesia compare to India, Laos and Burma! Guess which country is the most expensive?
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there Einstein wrote: “... the word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honorable but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish”.
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in Bangkok, they called Hi-So shortened for High Society, here in Jakarta it's simply socialite. If you aspire to become one of them [or just bitch about them hehehe] you might want to keep reading this blog. Maybe you learn one or two things from it. :p [via milis idgmail]
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sepakat? Tidak sepakat? Ini ada blognya.
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link ke blognya Serikat Pekerja PT Bina Karya (Persero), salah satu BUMN di Indonesia, diurus langsung oleh Ketua Serika Pekerjanya Mas Nugroho WS. Perlu dicontoh.
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for you Indonesian living on the other side of the planet. I just found out that "expatriates" really means someone voluntarily absent from their home or country hehe.
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was on Pandji radio show on HardRock FM last night "Provocative Proactive". Checkout his blog. Interesting. :)
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bertemakan Pesta Blgoger. Hati-hati.
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Bill Gates show this at the Indonesian Presidential Lecture to the audience on last Friday. It is now available to download for everybody.
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Rico Ceper's girlfriend. Guys, next time an underage girl tell you that she love her. Run for your life! Hehehe *unless you are underage as well of course* :p
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Oleh-oleh foto dari hadir di kuliahnya SBY dengan dosen tamu Bill Gates. Blogger juga diundang dong. :D Muncul dikiiiit di Liputan 6 siangnya video streaming here).
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terima kasih undangannya untuk BEM Fasilkom UI, akhirnya ke UI lagi deh setelah terakhir ke kampus ini waktu masih mahasiswa :D. Liputan juga di Koran Sindo.
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terima kasih atas undangannya temen-temen untuk hadir. Kotanya keren, anak-anaknya asik, organisasinya rapih dan visi ke depan juga canggih. Kedepannya pasti kita dengar lebih banyak lagi tentang komunitas blogger palembang ini. More: posting, foto-foto, video liputan di Pal TV.
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website bisa dibakar juga kali ya? :D
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blog salah satu calon independen dalam pemilihan Pilkada Kota Bandung mendatang.
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