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Contoh simple bagaimana foto kamu di dunia online bermakna sekali. Agak basbang tapi cuek ah. :D Btw. bagus kok foto-fotonya hehehe
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"No country for old men"-nya Coen bersodara sama "There will be blood"-nya PT Anderson emang must see nih kayaknya. Ambas here I come:D
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butuh ringtone henpon yang ga kedengeran sama orang yang tua? Hehehe.
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are: Paste, Save, Copy, Undo, Bold. Somehow I found this very funny, I don't know exactly why. Bwahahahaha. =))
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Facebook Group for Indonesian Obamamania. We'll vote with our hearts. Maju terus Obama! Join now and spread the words! :)
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Tertarik jadi bekerja sebagai Tenaga Ahli di DPR? Info lowongan tersedia. :)
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a must see buat para pencinta cult movie hehehe dari koleksi video online stage6.com komunitas pencinta video dari Divx. Check out Divx Web Player keren juga.
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take this A-hole Rating Self-Exam (ARSE) to check. Life's to short to spend it being an a-hole hehehe. :D
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will be next week on the 10th. Congrats to all the Bali Bloggers!
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LOL!. The funniest NYTimes headlines in a loooong time. Dapatkan blogger button dukungan untuk Obama di sini.
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dimana Jalan Tol Sedyatmo ditutup, peta alternatif ke Bandara ini mungkin berguna dijadikan pegangan.
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the renown Indonesian young actress from the fame of "Ada Apa Dengan Cinta" is blogging now. Welcome and have fun! (check out behind the scene how Dian Sastro come to blogging at Benny's Blog)
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or Yahoosoft? Hehehe. Microsoft wants to purchase Yahoo for US$ 44.6b (BBC NEWS)
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