Report Wilton Park Conference: Freedom of Expression Online 02/13

IMG_0173In February, I was invited to participate in a conference on Freedom of Expression organized by Wilton Park and renown UK think thank at their headquarter outside of London.

The event was interesting, many attendances are from UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO), government officials of several European countries, freedom of expression and human right non-governmental organizations as well as several journalists, and representatives from several internet companies. Many region represented including Africa, Middle East, and South East Asia.

Interesting to note that now, as a global issue Freedom of Expression is included under human rights issue and discussed as such while facing many challenges.

I noticed that different stages of Internet Users in different countries/regions is one of them. Multistakeholderism where Internet mostly rule by giant-country-like-corporation is another.

Civil society (whatever that is), is only small part of it.

If you find this issue interesting, dear reader, you might want to check out the recently release report from the conference, available at this link at the bottom:

Freedom of expression online: identifying and addressing challenges and developing a shared vision and a working partnership [WP1216]

Several Tweets from 5th Bali Democracy Forum 2012


Was attending the 5th Bali Democracy Forum opening ceremony at Bali International Convention Center (BICC) at Nusa Dua, Bali this morning as observer invited by Dewan Pers Indonesia that also hosting a side event 4th Bali Media Forum in the adjacent hotel.

About Bali Democracy Forum.

This is an intergovernmental forum that is hosted by Indonesian Government since 2008, making it its 5th time it was held in Nusa Dua Bali.

This year 83 countries participated in this forum and attended by 11 head of states, the most interesting ones would be Hamid Karzai of Aghanistan and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran.

Official website of Bali Democracy Forum and its wikipedia page.

Here are some of my live tweet during the opening and morning ceremony:


Panduan Media Sosial bagi Partisipan Olimpiade dari IOC

Penyelenggaraan event aja pake social media guidelines sekarang ini.

Guidelines-nya bisa diunduh di (pdf):

…So, while the organization is encouraging athletes to blog, tweet and use Facebook during the games, it has also issued guidelines that must be followed by participants…

via Olympic Social Media Guidelines Muzzle Athletes.