10 Things I am Thankful For

thankful.jpgI am thankful for our **health**, for it’s the only thing that keep us going and made us still be thankful for other stuff
I am thankful for **time**, god’s greatest and the most contradictive invention!
I am thankful for this **history**, as we live in a very exciting period of it
I am thankful for **my job**, for we try building something great for something so little, and it feels awsome
I am thankful for **technology and internet**, hp, bb and bbm, blogs, “id-gmail”:http://groups.google.com/group/id-gmail, “twitter”:http://twitter.com/enda and “facebook”:http://www.facebook.com/endanasution! without them i will only get i fracture of birtday wish i am receiving today – hehehe
I am thankful for **indonesia**, i am proud to be indonesian and be a part of this great (and now) democratic nation
I am thankful for **my friends**, my best, old and new ones, online or offline, real and imaginary
I am thankful for **my family**, ibu, bapak, mamah, papah, brothers, sisters, uwak, tante, bibi, om, sepupu, without them i am nothing
I am thankful for **my life,** sometimes it sucks, but most of the times is not 😀
And finally.
I am thankful for “Nita”:http://www.facebook.com/yuanita.nita and “Gaga”:http://www.flickr.com/photos/enda/sets/1618800/, you guys are my life, and it was never sucks when you guys around.