Indonesian President is now Tweeting

As a testament to the size and love that the Indonesian have for social media, specially Twitter, this week we heard trough the news that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of republic of Indonesia is considering to start tweeting.

Social media and digital landscape have gone a long way since the age of blogging in the early 2000 and follow by the explosion of Facebook in 2009 and now with what I thought to be one of the milestone of how mainstream the digital life to Indonesian, the president is officially have his own Twitter account that can be found here: @SBYudhoyono

Congrats Mr. President and welcome to the jungle!


8 thoughts on “Indonesian President is now Tweeting”

  1. Social networking sites are one of the technological advances that could be used for political purposes. President Obama has proved it in winning the presidential election in the United States. If now the president SBY also use it, so I was not surprised …

  2. hi dear.. nice blog, I’m member of Blogger Sumut too…

    I know our president has twitter account, but i’m not interested in. I do not follow the president

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