Indonesian President is now Tweeting

As a testament to the size and love that the Indonesian have for social media, specially Twitter, this week we heard trough the news that Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, the president of republic of Indonesia is considering to start tweeting.

Social media and digital landscape have gone a long way since the age of blogging in the early 2000 and follow by the explosion of Facebook in 2009 and now with what I thought to be one of the milestone of how mainstream the digital life to Indonesian, the president is officially have his own Twitter account that can be found here: @SBYudhoyono

Congrats Mr. President and welcome to the jungle!


Note: 6 steps to make your ideas contagious


  1. Social Currency: “Share Things That Make Us Look Good”
  2. Trigger: Top of Mind, Tip of Tongue”
  3. Emotion: “When We Care, We Share”
  4. Public: “Built to Show, Built to Grow”
  5. Practical Value: “News You Can Use”
  6. Stories: “Information Travels Under the Guide of Idle Chatter”

Source: What are the six steps to making your ideas contagious? | Barking Up The Wrong Tree.

The Bobs – Best of Online Activism 2013

Ajang kompetisi international tahunan dari Deutsche Welle 2013 sudah dimulai lagi, tahun ini bukan saja The Bobs mencari The BEST of BLOG dalam berbagai bahasa (termasuk Bahasa Indonesia!) tapi juga ada penghargaan khusus untuk nominasi BEST PERSON to FOLLOW di Twitter, Most Innovative Blog/Platform, Most Creative Activism dan banyak lagi.

Jadi kalau kamu tahu, lihat, pernah dengar atau terlibat langsung dalam blog, social media activism, atau pengen kasih saran siapa yang harusnya menang, langsung aja masukkin dan submit dgn cara click link  di bawah ini:

The Bobs – Best of Online Activism